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Speak with Confidence - Overcome your fear of public speaking. Hypnosis audio download.


Are you plagued by public speaking anxiety? Conquer your fears and achieve speaking success with this powerful hypnotic audio. Say goodbye to sweaty palms and racing heartbeats, and hello to a confident, captivating presence on stage.

This audio will re-train your brain to clear away uncessary anxiety around public speaking for all situations such as: presentations, job interviews, online meetings and group situations.

Why hypnosis can help you overcome your fear of public speaking

  • By listening and engaging with the suggestions provided in this hypnosis audio you will retrain your body to relax and to be present during your talk
  • You'll understand why you have such a fear and why traditional methods sometimes do not work
  • You will harness your existing ability to talk and say what you want to say in informal situations and apply it to your public speaking

About this audio

This audio is professionally recorded by clinical hypnotist Oliver M. James using straightforward no-nonsense techniques and strategies used on real clients in his practice.

There is a version with music and a version for those who prefer no music, both work in the same way.

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Last updated Aug 5, 2023

An audio course with instructions and hypnosis recording in mp3 format.

Track 1: Fear of Public Speaking Explained
4 mins
Track 2: Hypnosis audio
19 minutes
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Speak with Confidence - Overcome your fear of public speaking. Hypnosis audio download.

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