Simple Self Hypnosis for Language Learning

Millions of language learners give up too soon or believe they do not have the gift of learning languages.

Nerves, fear of making mistakes, awkward moments, dodgy pronunciation and bad teaching can hold people back.

What if you could generate more calm instead of stress when practicing or studying? You can do just that with Simple Self Hypnosis for Language Learning.

This audio course works with any language. It is ideal for school pupils aged 14+, university students, expats living abroad and adult foreign language learners.

Self-hypnosis is uses your focus and imagination without any spiritual or woo-woo elements. It is a quick and easy practice you can use in as little as 5 minutes or less per day.

This audio is professionally recorded and has been produced by clinical hypnotist and language learner Oliver M. James from

⚠️ Safety Notice:
Self hypnosis is a pleasant, enjoyable and safe experience for many.

Seek advice from your doctor if suffering from epilepsy, depression, a heart condition, or narcolepsy.

Do not engage with this course if you are experiencing psychosis, schizophrenia or personality disorders. 

If in doubt, check with your doctor.

This should not be used whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or used doing any activity which requires your full focus such as driving, cooking or operating machinery.

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You'll get an audio course, containing downloadable mp3s for any device. You can also watch the course as a video too.

Preparation Audio
7 minutes
Guided Self Hypnosis Induction
9 minutes
Accompanying Notes
10 pages
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Simple Self Hypnosis for Language Learning

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